Getting started with Python

You should be comfortable with the material in Python videos 1 and 2 prior to lecture 3, and you should be comfortable with videos 3 and 4 prior to lecture 4. Each video has a few short accompanying exercises for self-assessment of “comfort.”

Note: choose Camera 2 to see the output from my laptop when watching the videos.


1. Copies of the slides and exercises are included in the course bitbucket repository. Look in the python directory in your fork or clone of the m3c2017 repo.

2. The exercises are ipython notebooks (aka jupyter notebooks). To open them, first download the files (or find them in your clone of m3c2017) and then you can open the file from within Canopy or Anaconda navigator. Alternatively, from a Unix terminal, just run:

$ jupyter notebook filename.ipynb
  1. See Supplementary material for further resources on Python.